Creating a Slider

Super Hero Slider creates two new post types in your dashboard – Slides and Sliders. You create and edit slides and sliders in the same way you would a normal post or page.

To create a Slider, simply go to Sliders > Add New and give your Slider a memorable title.

You’ll see that there are no slides listed but there are other options available.

Once you’ve created your first slider, you can create a slide.

When you have added your slides, you can edit the slider to drag and drop slides into the order you want. Slides at the top of the list will appear first.

Navigation Settings

Navigation Position

Where to place the next and previous arrow buttons.

Navigation Style

The style for the navigation buttons.

Navigation Buttons

The arrow icons used in the buttons

Buttons Style

Choose size and shape


Where to display small dots under the slider to represent each slide

Slider Settings

Slide Duration

How long each slide will display for before automatically transitioning to the next slide. Set this value to 0 to disable autoplay. Values are in milliseconds – divide by 1000 to get seconds.


Pick the animation for the slide to transition in and out