Creating a Slide

After you have created a slider, you can add some slides. Go to Slides > Add New to create a slide. Add a title then complete the options below.

Once you’ve successfully created a slide and added it to a slider, you’re ready to add your slider to a page.

Upload an image

Click Add Image to open the media manager. Either select an existing image or upload a new one.  Click Select.

Slide Captions

Add some text for the captions. Keep it brief to avoid filling the slide with text.

Animation Captions

Choose animations for the captions to appear.

Animation Delays

Select how many milliseconds to delay the caption from appearing. Setting Delay 1 and Delay 2 to slightly different values will make your captions appear at different times during the slide.

Slide Settings


Pick the slider(s) you’d like to allocate this slide to. Note that you can add the same slide to multiple sliders.

Caption Position

Choose where the captions will appear.

Linked Page

You can link the pages to another page on your site if you wish.