Adding a Text Menu to a Posts Slider

First, create your posts slider. Then you can add a menu to it by following these steps:

In Navigation Settings, select ‘Display’ under ‘Pagination’ and select a position for the ‘Thumbnail Navigation’ – either top, bottom, left or right.


Now, in the Posts Feed Slider Layout panel, check the Menu Navigation box and choose what content you’d like to display in the menu:


Adding a Posts Carousel

To add a posts carousel, firstly follow the guidance on creating a posts slider. Once you’ve added your posts slider,¬†you simply need to define how many items are visible within the carousel.

In the Slider Settings section, update the Carousel Items field. If you’d like to add spacing between the items, update the Carousel Item Spacing field as well:



Adding a Posts Slider

You can easily add a slider to include your most recent posts. Go to Sliders > Add New to create a new slide, name it as you wish, then select ‘Posts’ from the ‘Content Type’ dropdown under Slider Settings.


Two new panels will open in place of the standard Slides Order panel.

Posts Feed Slider Layout

Use the options in this panel to define the layout of the posts slider.


Number of Posts

Select how many posts to include in your slider.


Select one or more categories if required.

Caption Position

The caption will appear in the same position on each slide.

Caption Design

Leave this as ‘Standard’ for the standard caption layout or select either ‘Panel (third)’ or ‘Panel (half)’ to have the captions appear on a solid background.

Panel Background

This color picker will only appear if you choose one of the panel options from Caption Design. Select the color for your panel background.

Menu Navigation

Select this option to replace the thumbnail navigation style with a text menu showing a list of recent posts.

Menu Line 1, 2, 3

If you select the Menu Navigation option, you can set what content will appear in the menu navigation here.

Posts Feed Slider Content

In this panel you can define the content that you want to appear in your slider. The slider will automatically pull through the post’s featured image to use as the slide image. You can define caption content and animation options here for 1 to 3 lines.


Caption Content

Decide what content to display – either the post’s categories, publish date, excerpt, title or no content at all.

Caption Style

Pick a style to display the content in.

Caption Color

Choose a color for the text.

Caption Animation, Delay, Speed

Animation options for each line of the caption.