Layer Slider

Create amazing slideshows with animated layers and cool transitions between slides. The Pro version gives you extra stuff, including carousels.


Easy to Use

Super Hero Slider uses standard WordPress post types so the interface is completely familiar. It's the easiest way to add animated slideshows to your site.



We've made Super Hero Slider to be as simple and free of frustration as possible. No tricky messing around with layers - everything is through standard WordPress stuff.

Why another slider?

There are some great sliders out there with some great effects. The problem is that it can take a lot of effort and expertise to produce those fantastic slideshows. With Super Hero Slider, you can make amazing looking slides easily and quickly. Just take a look at the demos then download the plugin from the top of the page.

Super Hero Slider gives you all the quality of premium, ultra-popular slider plugins without the complications. Add images to slides using the standard WordPress media manager, add captions over the images using the default WordPress editor, and choose animation styles from dropdown boxes. There’s no dragging and dropping or awkward animation timings to get right – the plugin lays everything out for you.

Features include:

  • Simple interface designed for anyone to use
  • Responsive – will work on any device
  • Touch and drag enabled – mobile users can swipe or drag
  • Animated layers – add captions and images on top of the main image
  • Drag and drop slide management – order your slides easily
  • Fully extendable – filters throughout for developers to hook into
  • Deep linking – link slides to pages within your site
  • Reusable slides – create a slide and use it in several sliders
  • Insert multiple sliders per page
  • Replace featured image with slider with just one click

The Pro version gives you additional features, including:

  • Carousels
  • Thumbnail navigation
  • Background images and colors
  • Additional animation options